David Dalzell is a visual artist, working mostly in paint, ink and photography. The foundations of David's self-taught artistic development were formed whilst living and practicing in Edinburgh, Scotland, for 20 years.

David has now fully committed to his artistic career, travelling internationally, and gaining further inspiration for his artwork from various cultures. To accomplish this goal, David has had to develop his entrepreneurial spirit, and link this to his artistic practice.

"As a trained biological scientist, I am very conscious of our environment, and the impact we are having on the planet's climate". Many of David's pieces reflect, and draw inspiration from the natural world. Human impact and environmental awareness continue to compliment his work, both in inspiration, and also in finding ways to couple his artistic style to practicing in more environmentally sensitive ways, by up-cycling/re-imagining found, or unwanted material.

David enjoys wandering from one medium to another. From playing with the gentle flow of ink into watercolour, to the physical movement of the camera whilst capturing an image, and to the controlled detail of pen and ink.

"I am currently obsessed with detail, and pen and ink has been my preferred first choice for a few years now. The work often becomes meditative in practice".

David's artwork is being shown, and sold in Scotland, England, New Zealand and Australia, and can be found in private collections internationally.

art portfolio of david dalzell

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