David is a prize-winning visual artist, based both at his home in Darwin, where he spends up to six months of the year, as well as travelling to New Zealand during the wet season, and returning to the UK, his country of birth.

David work mostly in pen & ink as well as various paint media. The foundations of his art were formed whilst living and practicing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

David's skills have since developed in the last five years whilst travelling and developing his entrepreneurial practice.
As an emerging artist, David travels internationally, gaining further inspiration for his artwork from various cultures. Each year David returns to the UK to create his artwork and to supply various international outlets.

"Being an artist and a trained biological scientist, I am very conscious of our environment, and the impact we are having on the planet’s climate. Many of my pieces reflect, and draw inspiration from, the natural world. Human impact and environmental awareness continue to influence my artistic style and develop the stories I tell with my growing body of work."

David enjoys wandering from one medium to another, from the controlled detail of pen and ink, to the spontaneous yet gentle flow of watercolour or acrylic ink, to the malleable and definite application of acrylic and oils, as well as painting with light in photography.

"I have a passion for detail, and pen and ink has been my preferred first choice for a few years."

David's artwork is being shown, and sold in Scotland, England, New Zealand and Australia, and can be found in private collections internationally.

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